Powerful Health Benefits of Dandelion Flower Tea
Dandelion Flowers have antioxidant properties and could improve immune system function.  Studies have also shown that dandelion improves liver function by activating proteins in the liver and muscles.  Dandelions are a rich source of micro nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.  Dandelion also offers relief from digestive discomfort and reduces irregularity.   

We made a special dandelion flower tea that's really easy to do.  If you have children, send them out to the backyard to collect dandelion heads (if you or your neighbors treat your yard with weed killers DO NOT eat the dandelions as they may not be safe for consumption.)  Once you have a bowl full of dandelions gathered bring a pot of water to a boil.  Remove from heat and add the dandelion flowers.  Let tea steep for five to ten minutes and strain tea to remove flowers.  Add a little Agave syrup for a sweet healthy addition or some honey for taste.  

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