[The Beginning]


Welcome fellow Organic Earthlings. My name is James. I am from a small town in upstate NY where the winters are long and the cold and flu season is even longer. Along with my wonderful wife Lindsay, and our two younglings Jacob and Jeremiah, we live on a 13-acre homestead complete with chickens, turkeys, ducks, fruit orchards, berry bushes and turned up soil as far as the eye can see! Originally from the city, we brought the little ones out to the country to teach them to garden, raise livestock, and to be self-reliant and learn respect for this great land. Chores are everyday and hard work is plentiful. Spring is for sewing seeds, fall is for harvest, canning, and stacking wood. Deep winter is for conserving your bounty and caring for the livestock. Mother Nature can be harsh at times but she has been very good to us and gives back what we put in.
In September of 2019, I fell ill. What started as mild fatigue and weight gain turned into excruciating headaches, muscle spasms, and seizures. Two Emergency room visits, one by ambulance. Several X-rays and appointments later and the Doctors could not find out what was causing these thunderous headaches? The physicians threw medications at me to see what would stick. Migraine cocktails, injections, steroids, blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose (sugar) pills. You name it, they tried to get me on it. I continued to get sicker and sicker. The headaches were so severe and for so many days, my blood pressure rocketed over 200 and I was having mini seizures every hour. I was bedridden and barely conscious. At one point my wife dried her tears and called the boys into the room for me to see one last time. They ordered an emergency MRI with the contrast dye to scan my brain. They sent me home and the wait was unbearable. What was it? A stroke? Aneurysm? Why was my body, particularly my head failing me at 45 years old? And what kind of fight did I have ahead?
In late October of 2019, I was diagnosed with a 17mm pituitary tumor of the brain. This along with diabetes, adrenal insufficiency, central hypothyroidism, and hypertension. Yup, I know, how many more diseases could they add on to the list? All this chaos because of my pituitary gland being dysfunctional as a result of the tumor! The Doctors all agreed brain surgery is inevitable! My mind raced. What about my boys, what about my beautiful wife? So many promises I made to them still to keep. My friends and family rallied around me. The Doctors assembled a team 6 specialist deep. Testing, blood work, scans, more MRI's, and more pharmaceuticals. They managed to get the tumor to ease up on the headaches with Hydrocortisone. A potent steroid that works as an anti-inflammatory with major side effects such as increased blood sugar levels and kidney damage! The Hydrocortisone shot my blood glucose levels through the roof and I started getting sick and my vision was going blurry! I had to take the hydrocortisone for the pain but the hydrocortisone was killing me! Maybe even quicker! They then prescribed me a weekly injection of Trulicity (I had to inject myself in the abdomen). I was 100% deeply committed to the vicious pharmaceutical circle. I was taking one medication to counteract the side effects of the first medication to counteract the side effects of the original medication and so on!
Friends kept pushing me to try CBD. Articles I read on my conditions told me to eat drink and sleep organic. All this information on natural botanicals for pain, for anti-inflammation and studies on CBD and tumor shrinkage and healthy blood levels with little to no side effects. I said what do I have to lose? I started eating healthier, more natural foods, taking high doses of CBD, and drinking tons of water, herbal teas, and extracts. As the weeks went by I started feeling better. I first noticed that the 25-year pain I had in my left knee was subsiding. I told my wife Lindsay and she was amazed, as was I. She documented every dose of CBD that I took. She looked up roots to dig up from the forest and made tinctures, teas, and smoothies. Low and behold the headaches started going away! My blood levels started to stabilize and my blood pressure came down. Imagine, the man who brought his young out to the country to teach them about biodiversity was getting a real-time lesson himself! Better yet, imagine being on multiple pharmaceuticals to battle a brain tumor and being able to cut back significantly on the pharmaceuticals and manage the pain, inflammation, and blood levels by the natural gifts from Mother Earth!
Friends, I am living proof that these natural organic gifts work! Through a series of circumstances, my surgery was delayed twice, and then COVID-19 shook our nation. As health experts were scrambling to grasp what was going to happen and how to follow recommendations, my surgery would not proceed unless it became emergency. I was forced to find alternative ways to treat my ailments. My wife and I have studied the literature and case studies for hours upon hours, weeks upon weeks, months upon months. We have consulted and met with Doctors, herbalists, wildcrafters, foragers, and organic farmers from all over the world to source these products for us...for you! With the recent spread of super viruses, cancer, and disease running rapidly throughout our society, it is our belief, and now my experience that the organic human system responds better with other organic compounds to create a healthy synergy! It's called homeostasis. The stability, balance, and equilibrium of the human cells, endocannabinoid and endocrine systems. You can not find homeostasis with synthetic compounds. It just doesn't work that way. As a species, we are at a crossroads. We need to realize that we need to put natural compounds into and onto our bodies! No more synthetic soaps, lotions, supplements, and medicines. We need to drop the chemical dependency! It's killing us! We want to help! That is why we are named "The Organic Earthling" The future of the human race is harmony with nature and the ability to blend organically with our environment. Like the oxygen cycle, It's synergy! This is our Genesis 2.0 It's how our ancestors brought us to this point, and it's the only way to move forward.
Thank you for reading about our journey! We look forward to being your trusted source of all things natural and organic, and we encourage you to reach out to us at any time with your questions and ideas! May you be happy, peaceful, and healthy!
James & Lindsay
The Organic Earthling
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